Monday, May 26, 2008

Setting Up A New Administrator Workstation

Issue:Stuff I typically load on my workstation after a rebuild.


Quick links to my notes and utilities folders

Windows admin pack, Install file(ADMINPAK.MSI, Source (Windows Svr CD \i386)

Internet Information Services Snap in, Install file(Windows Add/Remove), Source (OS cd) - Notes needed to install Exchange S.M.T.

Exchange System Management Tools, Install file (Setup), Source (Exch Svr Install CD)

Perl, Install file (ActivePerl-, Source ( or previous download)

APC Power Chute, Source (CD autoruns the install)

Backup Exec Administration Console, Install file (setup), Source (Backup Exec CD, Network copy Version10\BkExecUpgrade10d\WINNT\INSTALL\BE)

BlackBerry Desktop Software, Source ( or previous download)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Change Drive in a Acomdata Enclosure

Your Acomdata drive dies and you want to reuse the enclosure.

The enlosure has hardware that looks for the drive to be partitioned in a special way. Part of the hardrive is used for a "CD image" and the rest is storage space.

To convert regular hardisk to CD/HDD image download this file.
To convert CD/HDD image to regular hardisk download this file.

Fond this information at this site.

When you put the new dirve in configure it for cable select (not master or slave)
Connect up to your computer and power up the drive.
You should see a new empty CD drive letter appear.
run the program to convert it to CD/HDD
It will ask you to enable security password. I did this but maybe you can get arround it by leaving it blank.
When it was done I powered off and on the drive.
Now I see the CD part with the program files loaded but no letter for the HD.
On the CD part I ran PWManger.exe to Disable the Password security.
After that I powered off and on the drive again.
Now I see the CD and HD parts.
Under windows management I reformated the HD part to NTFS instead of FAT32
The drive is ready to use.
and the HD part.