Sunday, December 14, 2008

Cisco VOIP - Remote Functions

How to access administrative features of our Cisco IP phone system from an external phone.

We wanted to be able to access the building overhead intercom system from an outside phone so that security personnel could make contact with people coming in after hours.

Normally we can make announcements to people inside our building by picking up our Cisco IP phone and entering *60 to access the building intercom system.

We were able to do this remotely by setting up a phone extension that forwards all calls to a Cisco Telephone Interface Route Point. The route point in turn accesses the *60 feature.

First lets add the CTI Route Point in Call Manager.
Under Device select “CTI Route Point “

Click on “Add a New CTI Route Point”

Enter the name of the Device and calling search space and location
Click on Insert to add it.

Click on OK in the pop up window to add a directory number for this device

Here I have given the device the number 822.
This device will forward all calls to *60. Remember this is the code we use to get to the intercom system.

Now all I have to do is create a phone extension that forwards all calls to 822.
Now when I call from outside I connect to extension 5555 (number changed a bit) which transfers me straight to the intercom system.

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