Saturday, January 31, 2009

Perl Script To Identify If Office 2003 SP3 Is Installed

Need to identify which machines have Office 2003 SP3 installed.

Quick: Microsoft Notes indicate files that have changed. Check size of one of the updated files.

Pick one of the updated files to use an indicator that SP3 is loaded. Search for the file to see where it is located on one of the workstations.

The following line of Perl code executes the dos dir command to list one of the files updated by SP3. If I know what the new file size should be, I can do a comparison to check for the service pack. In this case the file size should be 103,256 bytes for the SP3 version of the MCPS.DLL file.

my @results = ( `dir \\\\$workstation\\"c\$\\Program Files\\Microsoft Office\\OFFICE11\\MCPS.DLL"` );

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