Friday, February 13, 2009

Self Assigned SSL Certificate For OWA

You want to create and your own SSL certificate without going through a vendor for Outlook Web Access (OWA)

Quick: Use SelfSSL


Download SelfSSL Tool
Put this on your server running IIS and install it per the steps below:

Run the file iis60rkt.exe
Click Next on the welcome screen
Select "I agree" on license page and Next
Enter information on Customer Information page and click Next
On Next window Setup Type select custom then Next
Click Next to take the default install path
On Select Features window you only need to select SelfSSL 1.0 click Next

To finish the install click Next on the overview window

To run the application you will need 3 things:

1.Website ID - Get this from IIS Manager

2.Common Name - this is the name that goes on the browser address line. Normally you would contact your internet service provider and ask them to add a DNS record for the name you want to use.

3.Valid Days - You pick a number of days for it to be valid.

You can find the website ID by looking in IIS Manager (see below). Here the identifier is the default of 1.

Start SelfSSL from the windows start menu.

You get a command prompt. Type selfssl /t /v:365 / (or whatever you have registered in dns to get to your OWA server)

Here is a link with another method as well Free_SSL_OWA

Here is a link for using Third_Party_SSL_Certificate

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1 comment:

oliver said...

I have thought about self-assigned SSL, I just still believe that the whole point of having security is that it is verified by an external authority and not self. So I still go through SSL Certificate Providers such as SSL247. Though I can fully see (epecially for small somewhat 'do-it-yourself' startups) that this is a good option and will add value compared to its identical competitor sites with lack of SSL certification.