Saturday, February 28, 2009

Uninstall Problems With AutoCAD Civil3D

Issue: After uninstalling AutoCAD Civil 3D 2008 we were unable to re-install because the installer thought that the application was already loaded.

After using add/remove programs to uninstall AutoCAD Civil 3D we had a issue trying to re-install. The box for installing Civil 3d was grayed out. The text under the option said that it was already installed.

After searching for and deleting files from the hard drive and Autodesk registry entries the problem still persisted. In the end the fix turned out to be that we needed to rename or delete the installer directory for the application.

The directory for Civil 3D is the one in the picture above. Look for it in either:


OR C:\Windows\Installer\{2CD6BBA0-17C8-4789-9B9B-B36F7E815F6A}

After renaming the diretory the installer no longer saw the application as already loaded and allowed to check the installation box.

Found this tool "Window installer Cleanup Utility" that is supose to do the cleanup for you.

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