Wednesday, June 17, 2009

MS Word - Links to Document Sections

You want to create a link in a Microsoft Word document to other areas of the document.

Put cursor in area you want to link to, Insert Menu / Bookmark (give bookmark a name) /Add ----Save the document ------ Select text to link to bookmark Insert Menu / Hyperlink / Bookmark button / Select your named bookmark.

In Word put the cursor where you want to jump to.
Select the Insert menu
Select Bookmark

Name the Bookmark
Click on Add Button

Select the text you want to link to your bookmark
Right Click and select Hyperlink

Select the Bookmark... button

Select the Bookmark you created previously.

Here is a link that was helpful

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Akanksha said...

This post helps in creating links to document sections. The method of establishing link to different section of document is easy. The steps and screenshot given in the post makes the task easy for me. I even tried the method.
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