Friday, June 5, 2009

Google Gadget Map Display

Issue: You want to add a map to a Google site.

Quick: Use Google Docs spreadsheet to enter data and display map in Google Site gadget.

Getting a Google map to display on a Google site is not as easy as you would think. When you open a Google map there is an option to get code in embed in a web page but these have iframe code that Google sites does not allow. Also just putting in the URL in the Google Gadget does not seem to work.

I found the solution that works quite well for what I needed.
Here are the steps to make it work.
Go to Google Docs and create a new spreadsheet.
Enter the addresses in one column and description in the column to the right of the addresses.
Copy the URL of the spreadsheet.

Go to you Google Sites account and open your site.
Edit the page where you want to put the map.
Click Insert
Under Gadgets select More...
Click on the map gadget

Past in the URL of the Google Docs spreadsheet. You should see a preview in the map config window.
Change size setting and whatever else you want.
Click OK

Now you are done and should see a map on the Google site that has all of your locations marked and you can Pan and Zoom around as well.

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