Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Outlook Forms 4 - Placing Date Input Field

Add field for entering date information into an Outlook Form

Create a new text field of type Date/Time
On the Form menu select "Field Chooser"
Click the New button on the Field Choose window. Give this field a name, in this case I am calling it ReqDate for Request Date.
Under Type drop down select Date/Time and pick a date format from the Format drop down.
Now in Field Chooser under "User-defined fields in Inbox" I have a new ReqDate Field that I can drag onto the workspace.
By doing it this way I get two fields on the workspace. I get the text box that is configured for date type data and I get a label field as well.
Right Click on the Text box and select Properties. On the display tab change the name to txtReqDate again this will help when I setup our tabs later on.

Quick Note: Under the Value tab you can see that this box is associated with the field I created "ReqDate". This field is what allows the date to move along with the form as it is emailed around. If this field box were empty then the data would be lost when the form gets emailed.

Now close out of the Text Box properties and open properties on the label. Change the name to lblReqData and change the caption to "Check Request Date:"

Exit out of properties and you will see that the text does not fit in my label box so I have to use my mouse to click the handle on the left side of the label box and stretch the box so that the text fits again.

Now I am done with the date field.


AnnMarie said...

This entire segment was very helpful. After I have placed a user defined date how can I get it to populate as a repeating appointment in my calendar ie: birthday

Jimmy said...

You would need to use some code to post the date to your calendar. I am current working on some code examples.

Rachal said...

I've added the date field per your instructions. However the time defaults to 8:00 AM? How do I correct?

Jimmy said...

Unless you want a time on your date field, I would adjust the display to show only the date and not the time.

mekh said...

instead of normal date i would like to keep DTPicker (calender) how i can insert it

Thanks your feedback


Jimmy said...

Look here

mekh said...

hi, i have prepared the outlook user form. actually i want to hyperlink the company web site in that user form. when the recipient recive the user form. they should link the sites ones they click the bottom.
do you have any idea? please help

Jimmy said...

Not real sure about what you are trying to do. If you want to put a hyperlink in the email that will take people to a web page, you can do that pretty easy. Start the link with http:// (add the link). Once you send the email the link will be activated.

Colin said...


Do you know how I can change the default value in the Date field from "None" to appear as blank? I have tried setting the initial value to blank in the Initial Value field, tried inserting a space, text and so on but every time it reverts back to None. Any help would be great. Thanks.