Saturday, August 30, 2008

Quick View Of Traffic Using Windump

Get a view of network traffic using free, easy to install, Windump utility. Also how to check for arp happy malware.

Download winpcap and windump from Run winpcap.exe from a command-line.

WinDump is the Windows version of the Unix tcpdump utility. Like many Unix tools this is a command-line utility, so no fancy graphics, but not that hard to use either.

Download WinPcap utility from
Download the WinDump utility from

Install the WinPcap utility onto you computer. You will see the Setup screen, Welcome screen, License screen, Install screen, and Finished Screen.

Next I copied the WinDump.exe file to the C:\Utils directory. I open a command prompt, go to that directory and run windump. By default WinDump tries to use the first adapter it sees which in my case is the DialupAdapter.

I use the "windump -D" command to see all the adapters. The network card is the one I want and I see it listed here as number 2 in the list.
Now "windump -n -i 2 -c 10" gives me output from my network card. (-n) means no name lookup, (-i 2) means use the second adapter which is the network card, (-c 10) means only capture 10 packets.
I can enter a string to filter on. Here I am filtering on packets that have the string arp. All you have to do is type the string at the end of the command line.

Here is the same command except I am going to (-c 10) get the first 10 packets that have the string arp, (-t) remove the time stamp, and () pipe it to the sort command and sort it starting with the (/+30) 30th character. Unix has better tools for this but I am trying to sort by the second IP address so that I can see who is sending the arp requests. Machines that send a lot of arp request may be infected with malware. See this link for a discussion about that.
Here is a manual for the various switches you can use with WinDump


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