Monday, November 24, 2008

Exchange - Delete Mailbox


Deleting an Exchange mailbox but keeping the network account.


Open AD Users and Computers, Select User, Exchange Tasks, Delete Mailbox


Right click on the users and select Exchange Tasks

Wizard opens, click next

Select Delete Mailbox and click Next

Click Next

Click finsihed and your done.


Alex said...

Perhaps for resolving this trouble would help the special tool. For example the next one. This program helped me for only some minutes. As it turned out it may aid with almost every situation related to ms exchange - the connection to microsoft exchange is unavailable saving new contact.

Brown Wise said...

When you delete a Exchange mailbox from the database, it is not removed at once. Instead, it get disconnected for some time. This time intervel is known as Retention Period and by default the value, is 30 days, which can be increased or decreased by the Exchange Admin. During this period, you can again connect or restore the disconnected mailboxes. Once the retention period expired, the user mailboxes are permanently erased and can not be recovered by normal methods. Only a third party Exchange Recovery Software can help you to recover and restore the permanently deleted Mailbox.

Mike said...

Here is an Exchange server recovery software that worked us in recovery of deleted Exchange mailboxes:

A free trial version is also there !