Friday, November 21, 2008

Smoothwall NAT like Modification

Need multiple external RED IP addresses on the Smoothwall firewall server.

Install Full Firewall Control modification from site

First you need to download the modification from the site.

This is the file we downloaded SW3 Full Firewall Control

You can download and copy it to the firewall or you can download it directly to the firewall with the wget command.

First get the path and the name of the file from you browser.

Right click on the file and get properties on the file

Get path and name from the properties page

Now I connect via SSH to the firewall using PuTTY application (port 222)

Next change directory to root directory – cd /

Then change to the tmp directory – cd tmp

Note: If you download some other way, in the end this is where you need to put the downloaded file.

Type the command wget Path/FileName.

After the file downloads you should be able to do a list command and see the file

ð wget

ð ls

Next extract the file using the following tar command.

ð tar zxvf ./Full-Firewall-Control-v1.0.2.tgz -C /

Run this command to install -> sh /tmp/

That should do it. The firewall will now have controls for doing network address translation.

To uninstall
Login to smoothwall with PuTTY
Go to
/Var/smoothwall/mods/full-firewall directory
Type ./

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