Monday, November 10, 2008

Import Exchange GAL To Contacts - 1

Blackberry import of GAL Contacts. While you can do a lookup on the Exchange server global address list, some users wanted to have GAL directly on a Blackberry phone contact list for convenience.

Export using Access, Export to Excel, Fix Fields, Import to Outlook

Open Microsoft Access and create a blank database.
Under File select “Get External Data”Select Import

Select the file Type of Exchange()

In the wizard select “Global Address List”

Select to create a New Table and click Finished

Now you see the Global Address List as a new table.

Click on it to open

Here you see users along with distribution lists. Our distribution lists do not have First and Last names or Titles so you see that these fields are blank This is handy because we can later do a sort to remove these if we want.

On the file menu select Export

Select one of the Excel formats in the drop down file type box and save the file to a Excel sheet.

Posting 2 will show how to clean up the address list in Excel

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