Monday, July 7, 2008

Fast command line access to most used windows

Saving time using the command-line.

Enter command on run line. Commands can often be found by looking at icon target. See list of commands below.


I often need to restart a service or look at the event logs on a machine. I save a lot of mouse clicks by bringing these windows up from the run line.

Note that some commands you need to put the extension like services.msc for example.

1. Start menu
2. Run
3. Enter one of the following commands in the run box:

cmd (brings up a command window aka dos window)
Services.msc (brings up the services window)
Eventvwr (brings up the event logs)
Msinfo32 (brings up the system information window)
Compmgmt.msc (brings up the computer management window)
regedit – (brings up registry editor)
Perfmon.msc. (brings up Performance monitor)
ncpa.cpl – (brings up NetWork Connections window)
lusrmgr.msc (opens local users manager)
Devmgmt.msc. (opens Device management)
Dfrg.msc. (opens Defragmenter)

These are the ones I use the most but you can get access to other Windows components in the same way.

Here are some others:

If these services are installed.
Dhcpmgmt.msc. DHCP.
Dnsmgmt.msc. DNS.
Dsa.msc. Active Directory users and computers. Dssite.msc. AD sites and services.

Windows Server 2008
ncpa.cpl: Network Connections configuration
desk.cpl: Display settings
appwiz.cpl: Programs And Features applet.
sysdm.cpl: System properties screen
CompMgmtLauncher.exe: Server manager

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