Thursday, July 17, 2008

Power Point Shortcuts

Power Point presenteres fumble with mouse and lose there spot during a presentation. Here are some quick keyboard shortcuts that should help presenters to stay in control of the presentation.

Start- f5, Next-spacebar, Previous - backspace, Esc-Quit, First-home, Last-end, Jumpto-#, Blackscreen-b

Black Screen

f5 key - will start the presentation from the beginning.

Spacebar or Enter keys - will advance to the next slide

Esc key - will quit out of the slide show

Home key - will go to the first slide of the presentation

End key - will go to the last slide of the presentation

# Enter key - will go to that slide number. example 12

B key - will cause the screen to toggle between presentation and a black screen. You can right click on the black screen and select pen to do a quick drawing right on the black screen using the mouse, which can be helpful to clarify a point.

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