Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mail Bounces Using Outlook AutoComplete Address


Outlook AutoComplete gives the wrong email address


When autocomplete pops up the address select it and press the delete key



Outlook 2003 and later, remembers what email addresses were previously entered either manually, from a contact list, or from a company mail server. As Outlook learns these addresses it will start to try and guess the correct email address as you are typing in an address field. This feature is called AutoComplete. This can help you speedup the sending of email messages since you only have to type in a few letters of the email address and then pick the right one from the suggested list. However, these saved email address that are used by AutoComplete are stored on your local computer (cached). The problem is that AutoComplete does not update its information if an address changes (even if the correct information is on a local Exchange email server). What you need to do is to delete the bad saved address entry manually:

-Start typing the name or address
-When the entry pops up select it
-Use the Delete key on the keyboard to delete it
Now the old saved information is gone and Outlook will learn the new address.

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