Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Speed Up A Slow Computer 2 - Clean Off The Junk

Speed up a slow computer, remove unused and junk software

Start => Control Panel => Add/Remove Programs

Go to the Start menu and select Control panel.
Select Add/Remove Programs.
Look through the list for any programs that you no longer need.
Uninstall these programs and write down the names of the programs as you uninstall them. When you are done reboot the computer.

Sometimes these programs leave behind folders even after they are uninstalled. After the reboot go into the c:\Program Files folder and using your list of deleted programs look for any folders associated with these programs and delete the folders as well.

I have seen some tools that can help with the cleanup of crapware. If you buy an new computer there is usually a bunch of junk on the computer that you will never use and just takes up space.

There is a free program called "PC Decrapifier", catchy name. Anyway it can help to cleanup the trialware stuff that comes on new computers. You can get it at:

Speed Up A Slow Computer 3 - Remove Temp Files

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